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Become a Insurance Sales Point with FSK and Increase your monthly Income.

Everyone is welcome to start the Motor Insurance selling business at FSK, Our platform is simple and easy to use. Nearly every household in India has a motor vehicle and it is mandatory by law to get the vehicle insured. Insurance agents have huge potential for recurring earning as the client also get the insurance renewed every year.

Car or Bike Insurance from FSK India


Classification of Motor Insurance

For purpose of insurance, motor vehicles are classified into 3 broad categories:

Private Cars

Private Cars

Classic Car, Luxury Car, Hybrid Car, Sports Car, etc.

Private Two Wheeler

Private Two Wheeler

Motor Cycles, Motor Scooters, Motor Bikes, etc.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Goods Carrying Vehicles, Rickshaws, Taxis, Buses, etc.

Why Choose FSK for Car & Bike Insurance

Finance Suvidha Kendra (FSK) is the right choice for your Vehicle insurance, and here’s why:

Multiple Insurance companies

Choose from wide range of more than 35 insurance companies. We ensure that you get best suitable quote for vehicle of your customers.

Instant Policy

Our Insurance process is very easy and instant. You dont have to wait for the policy. It is available 24*7 process.

Guidance on choosing Best Policy

You can always reach out to our helpdesk and our team will guide you to choose the best policy and make sure you get maximum commission from that.

Highest Market commission

We have tied up with mutiple Insuance companies and we ensure that insurance policy is done from Highest Commission paying company. Thereby we provide you the highest margins

Online and Offline both Modes available.

We are providing you both the option either you can issue policy your self or you can place order in offline method wherein our experts willpick the best options for you.

Help in Claim

We are always here to help your customer in claim process.

Apply for motor insurance

How to Apply for a Vehicle Insurance Online

Here are the steps to apply for motor insurance online.

Visit the Finance Suvidha Kendra's website.

Provide the details of your personal and vehicle details.

Select the vehicle insurance plan and add-ons.

Pay the insurance premium online.

How to File a Motor Insurance Claim?

The document and formalities involved in a vehicle insurance claim settlement will depend upon the type of vehicle and nature of the loss.


Why FSK Is Your Top Choice for Car & Bike Insurance

Finance Suvidha Kendra (FSK) is the best place to get your motor insurance, and here's why:

Low Prices

Our motor insurance is affordable, so you won't spend too much money to keep your vehicle safe.

Easy Process

We make it really simple to get insurance. You don't have to jump through hoops or fill out tons of paperwork.

Quick Claims

If something happens to your vehicle, we'll help you get the money to fix it fast. You won't have to wait forever.

Great Service

Our team is friendly and always ready to help. We'll answer your questions and guide you through the whole process.


With FSK, you might get some extra benefits with your insurance, like roadside assistance or discounts on repairs.


People trust us because we're reliable and we care about keeping your vehicle safe and sound.

Car or Bike Insurance


Certificate Of Car & Bike Insurance

Our visionary journey started with a mission to provide high-quality services at remarkably affordable rates. At FSK, we open our doors to all, fostering entrepreneurship with a zero-investment approach, setting us apart in the world of financial empowerment and service accessibility

Why to buy Motor Insurance?

It is Mandatory for all plying vehicles on Indian roads as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The Motor Vehicles Act passed in 1939, which was amended in 1988, and again in April 2017 (passed by Lok Sabha awaiting passage in Rajya Sabha and by the President), ensures the road safety of the people.


What is NOT Covered under the Motor Insurance Policy?

Any damages incurred when the policy is not active or lapsed

When damage is caused deliberately

Cost of consumable

If the vehicle is used for purposes other than the permitted use, for example, commercial use, your claim will be rejected.

Loss or damage incurred while driving outside India

Any wear and tear due to ageing

Any mechanical or electrical breakdown

Damages arising due to driving without a legal and valid license

Loss or damage due to radioactive or nuclear-related activities

Damages arising due to driving without a legal and valid license

Car and Bike Insurance


Understanding the Importance of Motor Insurance

However, the insurance against the loss or the damage of the own vehicle not mandatory. But the insurance for the third party liability arising out of the plying motor vehicles in public places is mandatory. Without having third party motor insurance policy, you may have suffered a financial hit, and possibly, get into legal matters. Hence, it is advisable to all the vehicle owners to have a motor insurance policy. And to protect from digging a hole in your pocket, one must also buy own damage coverage plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finance Suvidha Kendra Motor Insurance Services: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A comprehensive explanation of the coverage provided, including protection against damages, theft, and third-party liabilities.

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