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Finance Suvidha Kendra (FSK) is a web platform specially designed for Cyber Cafe's , Loan Agents, Insurance Agents , Documentation Centers and all who wish to provide Taxation and Financial Services to their clients. It provides the opportunity to Increase their Income.

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As our moto suggest We do Best, You Do Rest! We are here to provide you Best in Class of Service available in the Industry.

We Are Expert In


As our moto suggest We do Best, You Do Rest! We are here to provide you Best in Class of Service available in the Industry.

We Are Expert In


As our moto suggest We do Best, You Do Rest! We are here to provide you Best in Class of Service available in the Industry.

We Are Expert In


Our expert guidance and user-friendly approach ensure you navigate the world of Goods and Services Tax effortlessly.

We Are Expert In


Our motor insurance is affordable, so you won't spend too much money to keep your vehicle safe.

Income Earning Opportunity

FSK prioritizes inclusivity by offering income opportunities to a wide range of individuals, ensuring that everyone has the chance to improve their financial standing and quality of life.

High Commission Rates

FSK is committed to advancing the nation's digital infrastructure and financial empowerment. By promoting digital transactions and income opportunities, it contributes to the overall digital progress and economic growth of the country.

One-Stop Services Center

FSK serves as a one-stop platform for various services, making it convenient for users to access essential services that meet their needs. This comprehensive approach enhances user convenience and satisfaction.

We Provide World Class Support And Consultancy

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to ensuring your success and providing you with the highest level of assistance along your journey.

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Discovering Financial Opportunities

The services offered by Finance Suvidha Kendra (FSK) encompass a wide range of essential and income-generating offerings. Here are some key services provided by FSK:

Business Start-Up Support

FSK welcomes aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses with zero initial investment, thereby fostering entrepreneurship.

Digital Progress Contribution

FSK actively participates in the digital advancement of the nation, supporting the growth of the digital economy and a more connected society.

User Security

The platform offers a safe and secure interface developed in-house to protect user data and financial transactions.

Access to Quality Services

FSK ensures that users can access high-quality services at affordable prices, making essential services accessible to everyone.

Instant Rewards and Commissions

FSK provides real-time rewards and commissions to its B2B partners, including distributors, retailers, and clients, offering tangible incentives.

Financial Inclusion

FSK's unique approach ensures that individuals, regardless of their initial financial capacity, can participate in income opportunities and services, fostering financial inclusion.

Now Filing Your ITR is More Easy With FSK india

File ITR Easily

File ITR Easily

Your Path To Seamless Income Tax Return Filling And Other Services Like tax refund.

Increase Your Growth

Increase Your Growth

Finance Suvidha Kendra (FSK) is an initiative to bring income opportunity for everyone.


Be a Part of us and Start Providing Tax Return and Loan Services on your shop. Your Income opportunity awaits you.

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Industry Leadership

Joining FSK India for accounting services means aligning yourself with a powerhouse of expertise and industry leadership.


Excellent Support

As an FSK India agent, you'll have access to a network of like-minded professionals, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.


Client-Centric Solutions

By joining FSK India, you gain access to cutting-edge accounting software, automated systems, and innovative solutions that set you apart in the market.

Why we are the best?

We Are The Trusted Tax & Finance Company

Customer feedback is the compass that guides us toward continuous improvement and excellence.

    Working with FSK is a positive experience. At one's convenience, whenever needed communication is attentive, personable and professional. Also, team provide great support for my work's need.

      Always available to answer any questions. Very knowledgeable about the service they provide. Would recommend to anyone anytime.

        Worthy appreciation to you and team for the wonderful job. The portal is just what we wanted. Even, feel privileged to have FSK as our online service.

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        Join Finance Suvidha Kendra today to unlock income opportunities, affordable services, and a pathway to financial empowerment.

        Unlock Income Opportunities

        Joining Finance Suvidha Kendra opens the door to diverse income-generating possibilities. Whether you're an entrepreneur, distributor, or retailer, our platform offers numerous avenues to earn a handsome income, enhancing your financial prospects.

        Affordable Services

        As a member of Finance Suvidha Kendra, you gain access to a wide range of essential services that are not only of high quality but also budget-friendly. Our commitment to affordability ensures that you can avail yourself of the services you need without straining your wallet.

        Financial Empowerment

        Finance Suvidha Kendra is your pathway to financial empowerment. By becoming a part of our community, you take a significant step toward securing your financial future. We're dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals.