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To start providing Tax Return Service at your shop, you need not to have Tax Knowledge. Our software and our Tax Experts makes it very simple and easy process. Our Tax experts fetch most of the tax information form Income Tax portal making it less documentation process.

In India currently 7 crore people file Income Tax Return and there is huge scope of earning from this business.

ITR filing income tax return

Why Choose FSK for Filing Income Tax Returns?

Finance Suvidha Kendra (FSK) is the right choice for your income tax return file needs, and here’s why:

ITR Filing within 24 hours

We give you ITR receipt alongwith Computation within 24 working Hours.

Prepared by CA's

Each and every return is prepared CA's and Tax Experts to provide accurate filing. Once can easily trust on the Tax filings.

Urgent Orders are completed within 30 minutes

We understand that your client may be in urgent need of Income Tax return. You can inform us for any urgent case and our team will file it within 30 minutes.

High Margins for Retailers (400-500/ Return)

We provide low cost services to our partners so they can earn high margins from their clients.

Maximum Tax Refund

Our team thouroghly check form 26AS and AIS ensure to claim all the TDS. Our team ensure that one get maximum possible Income Tax refund as per guidlines of Income Tax Department.

FIle Returns of 3 years together

If your customer have missed the due date of Tax return, No worry! With FSK you can file Tax Return of same client for upto 3 years altogether.

Your Path to Seamless ITR Filing and Financial Optimization

In India currently 7 crore people file income Tax Return and there is huge scope of earning from this business.

Income Tax Retunl Filing from fksindia

Benefits of Filing Income Tax Return with FSK

Financial Transparency

Filing your ITR promotes financial transparency and accountability. It's an official record of your financial activities.

Tax Savings

Through proper ITR filing, you can optimize your tax liability and reduce the amount of tax you owe, leaving more money in your pocket.

Legal Protection

Proper ITR filing helps you avoid legal troubles and ensures you meet all your financial obligations.

Why You Need To Filing Income Tax Return?

आपको आयकर रिटर्न दाखिल करने की आवश्यकता क्यों है?

Filing your ITR is not just about fulfilling a legal obligation, it serves several important purposes:

Legal Compliance

Filing your ITR is a legal requirement for individuals and entities that meet specific income thresholds.

Loan and Visa Applications

Many financial institutions and government agencies require a copy of your ITR as part of the application process for loans, visas, and other financial services.

Income Documentation

Your ITR serves as a detailed document of your income and financial transactions throughout the year. It provides a comprehensive view of your financial health.

Claiming Refunds

If you've paid excess taxes or are eligible for tax refunds, filing your ITR is the way to claim these refunds.

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Don’t let a lack of knowledge result in a tax blunder.
Take control of your taxes with FSK India's Tax Consultancy Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finance Suvidha Kendra ITR Services: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it is mandatory to file Income Tax Returns (ITRs) in India if your total income during the financial year exceeds the basic exemption limit (which varies depending on age and income category), even if no tax is payable. Failing to file your ITR on time can result in penalties and fines.

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