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Project Report for Bank Loans /CC Limits

Project Report of Bank Loan is usually required by customers for

  • Bank Loans
  • CC Limits

At FSK portal you can start providing  CMA/Project report services to your clients and earn high potential earnings.

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Why Choose Finance Suvidha Kendra for Project Reports/CMA

Choosing Finance Suvidha Kendra (FSK) for your  Project Reports/ CMA needs is a smart move, and here's why

Affordable Pricing

Our prices are very affordable thereby you can add margins to earn from your customers

Acceptable by Banks

Our reports are widely accepted by the Banks and Financial Agencies for issuing all kind of Loans and CC Limits.

Prepared by Experts

Our team consists of CA's and Financial Experts with over 15 Years of experience. Our team will prepare the report with complete understanding of your Business and Project.

Quick Processing

We understand the value of time, we provide project report with in 1 working day after receiving the required documents and details.

Open to Modifications

Banks may demand multiple changes in reports and documents during the process. We are ready for changes without any extra charges.

Businesses who need CMA/Project Report for Bank Loan?

Candidates who meet the criteria laid out by Bank’s regulations are  required to Submit the CMA/Project Report for Bank Loan. Bank Need it for Compliance Risk evaluation purpose. Following person may be asked by Banks for Project Report

MSME Units

New Business/ Business Startups

Business applying for Mudra Loan

Business applying for Cattle Purchase

Business applying for Cash Credit (CC) Limit

Business applying for Machinery Loan

Business applying for Working Capital

The Business Applying for Real Estate Projects.

increase your earning start providing project report service

Our expert guidance and user-friendly approach ensure that you earn as much as possible.


Huge Scope of Earning

There are more than 50 Lakhs Project Reports for Bank Loan required every  Year in India and Increasing every year. You can dive into this. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Finance Suvidha Kendra GST Regestration Services: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our experts with 15 Years of experience will prepare the report. Our Panel includes CA and Ex- Bankers

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