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CSC Registration Services available on your Cyber Cafe

What service can a Cyber Café /Documentation Centers offer on its Shop in India?

What service can a Cyber Café /Documentation Centers offer on its Shop in India?

Cyber café’s and Documentation Centers  are very well equipped with the computer skills and have all the Infrastructure at their shop. Cyber café’s and Documentation Centers  are very well connected to the customers in their nearby area for routine work. 

Cyber Café’s and Documentation Centers are nowadays exploring many new businesses and interest to increase their earnings. They should not limit themselves to only Internet Access service.


They can start following new services / Business at Zero Investments at their shop and start earning from very first day.


Currently there are only 7.5 Crores Persons file Income Tax Returns in India. As per a study there more than 25 crore people earn but have not filed ITR yet. Moreover, the Income Tax fillers are increasing by 20% every year and expected to reach 20 Crores by 2030. There are several benefits for Cyber café owners for starting ITR Business some of them are listed below:

2.Personal Loan and Credit Card:

Although there are many Banks and Mobile apps these days to process the Loan applications but they are not able to fulfill the need of Market.

Many persons either do not know how to use these apps or How to deal with Banks. Therefore either their loan gets rejected or they are unable to apply for Loan.

Cyber Café’s and Documentation Centre’s can provide their service of Applying Loan and Credit card through Mobile app or Web Portal of FSK India

3.Vehicle Insurance:

As per the available information there are more than 33 Crores vehicle in India and as per Motor Vehicle Act. It is mandatory for every vehicle to get at least Third party Insurance covered. Every Cyber Café/ Documentation centre have opportunity to earn by doing insurance of the customers in there area.

4.Balance Sheets Project Reports

As per the available information at Income Tax Department’s site.  There are more than 3 Crores Business Income filers in India and there are many who are yet to file their Income Tax Returns. All the Banks and Investors requires the Business to submit their Balance sheets and Project Reports for Loan purpose. Cyber café’/ Documentation while offering Income Tax Service through FSKindia can offer their client the Service of Balance sheets and Project Reports to increase their earnings. We have listed major benefits of working with FSKindia.

5. GST Registration and Returns

As per available data there are more that 14 Million GST registered business in India and constantly Increasing. On FSKIndia you can start work of providing GST Registration service to help them your customers and after getting GST Registration number they can offer them GST return filling Service. Every GST Registered business have to file their GST Return on Monthly/Quarterly basis. Therefore they can earn from their customers every Month/Quarter.

6. Visa Reports:

Every year more than 80 Lakhs Indians are moving to foreign countries either for Travel or Study and Employment purpose. Everyone needs to have Net Worth Statement for Visa Applications. At FSKIndia one can earn by offering Net Worth Statement and Property Valuation service to their clients.

Benefits of Working with FSKINDIA

a. Increase in Earnings : Adding an additional product will give boost to their earning.

b. Recurring Income: Unlike other services , Income Tax Return needs to be filed every year, thereby once you Add a client , you will earn every year from same client.

c. Reputable profession: Working in Income Tax, GST and Insurance will increase their Reputation in market. As this is profession of respect.

d. Earning from Similar services : Once they Add client for Income Tax return , the client will always give these Cyber Café’s and Documentation Centers priority for other similar Services such as GST, Business Registration, Visa Reports , Loans , Insurance and Much more. So they can earn from some client by offering many services. All these services are available at Single platform for Cyber Café’s and Documentation Centers at FSK India Portal.

e.Renewal Income: As the Insurance policy needs to be renewed every year. You can earn from same client every year. In Fsk India you get the renewal register where you can call and remind your clients about the Policy to be renewed and earn from them.

f. Best Commissions: FSK India pays best possible market commissions to its partners for Insurance, Loan and Credit Cards approved. You can increase your Income easily by just applying for the Motor Insurance, Loan / Credit Cards.

g. Complete Paperless Process: The process of Loan/Credit Card, Income Tax Return and Insurance in FSK India Portal is completely Paper less. Hence, you can do all the work from your shop and do not have to go anywhere for processing.

h. Happy Clients: The clients who are unable to apply for Loan/ Credit Card themselves will more than happy with Cyber Café’s / Documentation centers as they fulfill their dreams.

i. Huge opportunity: The need of credit is rising every day with changing life style further the Banks and mobile apps do not have their reach in Rural Areas yet. One can easily tap this market and start earning FSK India App.


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FAQs related to Income Tax Calculator India

No, there is no license or certificate requirement to work with Fsk India. Any one who wish to start  Finance Suvidha Kendra can do so by just submitting basic details on Join us Free

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