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Open PAN Suvidha Kendra!
No PAN Form I Easy Process

Free PAN Card Portal ID- No PAN Form I Easy Process

Open Finance Suvidha Kendra

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The Importance of FSK India PAN Seva Kendra:

No data entry at the backend

PAN card merging, uploading, and data entry are not required at the FSK PAN Seva Kendra. Our team will complete the rest of the work after the partner submits Basic Adhaar details.

Everyone can apply for a PAN Card

At FSK PAN Seva Kendra, partners can apply all types of PAN Cards for individuals, partnerships, firms, HUFs, societies, and trusts.

Providing full support

In addition to providing full support via telephone and chat, FSK also offers full support for partner organizations which use our PAN Seva Kendra.

Process for urgent orders

The PAN Seva Kendra at FSK provides urgent PAN Card order services. Within 15 minutes of submitting the PAN application, the partner will receive the receipt of PAN application and PAN in 48 hours.

Process that is easy to follow

The partner can apply PAN Card on any device like Mobile, Computer, Latpot & Tablets. It is not necessary for them to fill out all the details on the PAN form. The FSK PAN Seva Kendra asks partners for basic information to make the process easier for them.

Providing guidance on the correction of PANs

Our team can assist the partner in correcting the name, father name, and date of birth on the PAN card. The FSK Team provides support via telephone and chat to partners who are using the FSK PAN Seva Kendra 

Are partners required to clear objections issued by the UTI or NSDL?

FSK Team is responsible for clearing the backend work. In the event that UTI or NSDL raise any objections regarding PAN Cards, partners do not need to take any action.

In PAN Seva Kendra, do I have to fill out the AO code?

Partners can fill out the details of AO Code on the application form. At FSK PAN Seva Kendra, partners can leave blank details if they don’t want to fill them out.

Any confusion about Opening PAN Card Portal?

Talk to our Tax Experts and let them file your Income Tax Return

How can the customer apply for a PAN Card if he or she cannot sign it?

It may be necessary to take a thumb impression instead of a signature if the customer is unable to sign the PAN Card application form and to have it notarized.

Is it possible to add an initial to my PAN card?

No, the initials are like MD, Mr., and Sh. Are not allowed in PAN card. It is not possible to accept these types of PAN applications at PAN Seva Kendra.

Can I apply for a PAN if my adhaar card does not have my complete date of birth listed?

The FSK PAN Seva Kendra requires another proof of date of birth, such as a voter ID, a 10th certificate, or a birth certificate, if the complete date of birth is mentioned on your adhaar card.

FSK PAN Seva Kendra accepts applications from NRIs for PAN cards?

Yes, you can apply for a Pan Card as an NRI at the portal as well. PAN Card charges for NRIs are different and are determined by when your PAN card is delivered. Charges are lower if you want to deliver NRI PAN in India, and higher if you want to deliver it outside India.

Is it possible to print the mother’s name on the PAN card instead of the father’s name?

Yes, in PAN Application, you have option to choose Father Name or Mother Name. It is your choice which one to choose.

Which color sign allowed in PAN Application?

It is acceptable to sign the PAN application form with blue or black pen ink. PAN applications cannot be filled out with any other color ink.

In a PAN application, what type of picture is allowed?

A passport-size picture is attached to the PAN application. The picture should not be blurry, torn, or have a multicolored background. UTI and NSDL reject pictures with multicolored backgrounds.

FAQs on Open Your PAN Card Portal:

Within 2-3 days of the application date, the PAN card is emailed to the applicant. UTI or NSDL may object to sending another PAN on the same email address after sending five or six PAN applications on one email address. Therefore, it is recommended not to use a single email address for multiple PAN applications.


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